Exhibit: Rabbi Among the Lions

Rabbi Among the Lions

on display January 17, 2008 - February 19, 2008

Exhibit Overview: This photographic exhibition by the award-winning photographer, Tobi Asmoucha, poignantly captured her brother, Rabbi Nathan Asmoucha, serving the small and aging Bulawayo Jewish community in Zimbabwe. The country’s only rabbi lives and serves among a Jewish community seeking to hang onto their Jewish traditions in an environment that seems left in the 1950s and set amidst the exotic African landscape. Rabbi Nathan Asmoucha was born and raised in Vancouver, BC.

Exhibit sponsored by The City of Vancouver.

Rabbi Asmoucha is walking with the lion cubs at Antelope Park. They have a program breeding African lion cubs as part of a rehabilitation project. The Rabbi had no fear walking amongst the lions, they felt his ease and let him lead them. Photograph by Tobi Asmoucha.