About the JHSBC Logo

JHSBC logo
Introduced in the summer of 1989, the Jewish Historical Society of British Columbia logo depicts the Star of David, with surrounding leaf motif, from a stone carving on the gallery frieze found at the ruins of the synagogue at Capernum, Israel, dating from the second-third century C.E. This design frames Leonard Frank’s famous March 19, 1919 photograph of “The Lions,” which guard the entrance to the Vancouver harbour.
Frank had tried unsuccessfully for fifteen months to capture the mountain at a point when atmospheric conditions, light, and cloud effects were exactly right. Frank was equipped with his 5” x 7” wooden view camera and outfitted with a newly-purchased telephoto lens- the most advanced German-manufactured photographic equipment then available. This time he went hiking up the North Shore slopes, still covered in deep winter snow, accompanied by his friend Goodwin Johnson, the well-known woodsman-lumberman, Manager of the Capilano Timber Company. Johnson, who knew the region intimately, showed Frank the best view position, from a point near the water-works intake, where he could set up his tripod. 
The photograph was an instant success. It was first published in the Vancouver Daily Province on March 22, 1919 under the caption “The Twin Lions In All Their Spring-Time Glory,” with the comment that “the grizzled mountains look wonderful in their late winter’s coat of white.” The Vancouver Sun also published it in an unusual two page spread. Since 1919, the photograph has been published countless times, and has become Leonard Frank’s most famous photograph, and probably the best ever taken of “The Lions.” 

The Lions, North Vancouver, BC. 1919 Photographer: Leonard Frank; Source: Jewish Museum & Archives of BC; LF.01303