Historic Walking Tour of Jewish New Westminster

"The Royal City" named by Queen Victoria, Capital of the Colony of British Columbia, took form in 1859. From its first days, Jewish citizens have been associated with New Westminster, which was the principal city and river port of the mainland.

Several Jewish-owned shops were established along Columbia Street, the main downtown business thoroughfare, and a significant Jewish mercantile presence exists there to this day.

The Historic Walking Tour of Jewish New Westminster is presented in conjunction with the exhibit In Search of the Jewish Royal City. A tour guide from the Jewish Museum and Archives of BC will provide insight into the sites, people, and historic events of downtown New Westminster, while sharing anecdotes of Jewish daily life in the area. The tour lasts 90 minutes and is 1.5 kilometers in distance.

Tours are available by appointment only for groups of 8 or more people. To schedule a tour, contact the Jewish Museum & Archives of BC at (604) 257-5199.


Jewish mercantile businesses, Columbia St., New Westminster, B.C. 1975. Jewish Museum & Archives of BC; L.00357

The exhibit and tour program is made possible by the City of New Westminster Special Projects Grant.

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