Pioneer Women Bazaar News

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Pioneer Women Bazaar News
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Pioneer Women members together with the bazaar committee are now past the planning stage and are actively engaged in making this year's bazaar, which will be held on December 6 at the Schara Tzedeck Auditorium bigger and better than ever. Above from left to right, bottom row: Betty Levine, Marsha Garfinkel, Marian Margolis, Bernice Neuwirth, Sarah Bialoglowsky. Second row: Rivka Horowitz, Reva Checov, A. Buchman, Anne Rome, Sarah Jacobson and Kayla Lederman. Back row: Bertha Levine, Mania Checov, Helen Gorbovitsky, Stella Banner, Sophie Izen and Freda Miller. Absent: B. Blinder, S. Matlin, D. Yorsh, E. Brandt, S. Hill, Z. Kowarsky, C. Eppel, F. Gordon, S. Still and I. Chernov.

Original article in the Jewish Western Bulletin November 13, 1959: