Printed Press: Giving Voice to the Community

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A very small number of Jewish newspapers or newsletters were published in Vancouver prior to 1930. In 1925, The Vancouver Jewish Bulletin was the first Jewish paper to be published. In its early years the paper promoted the establishment of a Jewish community centre. After such a centre was built in 1928 the Centre Bulletin began being published every week. This paper would change its name to Weekly News and then Jewish Centre News before finally settling on the name, The Jewish Western Bulletin in 1930.

Around the same time, Di Yiddishe Velt (The Jewish World) was published under the editorial leadership of Mordecai Jaffe. With a focus on Jewish literature, it contained both Yiddish and English sections. Only six issues would ever be published between 1928 and 1935.

In 1930, a paper called the Independent Jew was also published for a short time. It was published by Julius Shore and edited by Sim Alfred Goldston.