The Jewish Western Bulletin

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The Jewish Centre News was replaced by The Jewish Western Bulletin (JWB) in 1930. Initially published under a number of editors and the leadership of the Jewish Community Council, the JWB would become an amazing, long-lasting record of Jewish life in BC and beyond.

One of the JWB’s first editors, Abraham Arnold, raised the paper’s level of journalism in the 1950s. However, by the 1960s the newspaper was in financial trouble. In 1960, a couple from Winnipeg, Sam and Mona Kaplan took on the operation of the JWB but continued to receive a substantial subsidy from the Council. Eventually, through plenty of hard work the couple saw the JWB become financially viable again and the newspaper became fully independent.

As the Kaplans got older in the 1990s they considered selling the JWB. They eventually sold the paper to three people who had put long hours into the operation of the JWB: Kyle Berger, Cynthia Ramsey, and Pat Johnson.

In 2005, the JWB changed its name to the Jewish Independent to better reflect the international scope of its news coverage and readership. Over the years the JWB has covered everything from Zionism to anti-Semitism, human rights issues to local arts and culture.