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Brothers Samuel, Saul and Harris Lechtzier made bowling a popular sport for everyone to enjoy. They introduced five-pin bowling to British Columbia and promoted five and ten-pin bowling leagues at workplaces and in schools. In 1927, the brothers opened La Salle Recreations on Granville Street in Vancouver. It was the first modern bowling centre on the Pacific Coast. Saul Lechtzier was inducted into the bowling section of the British Columbia Sports Hall of Fame in 1976.

After the opening of La Salle Recreations, both the Hebrew Athletic Club and the B’nai B’rith Athletic Association established bowling leagues which would eventually merge into one.

Saul Lechtzier’s work as a bowling advocate also helped to make the sport a profitable industry throughout Canada. He established both the Bowling Proprietors’ Association of British Columbia and the Bowling Proprietors’ Association of Canada. In 1959, he pushed for the adoption of a bowling program for BC schools. In addition, he helped to make bowling an accredited sport at the University of British Columbia.