Schara Tzedeck luncheon probes women's lib

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Schara Tzedeck luncheon probes women's lib
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From the May 17, 1974 Jewish Western Bulletin issue. Planning Wednesday May 22, Schara Tzedeck Sisterhood program, "Rabbi! Liberated Jewish Women Want to Know" are, left to right: Rabbi Marvin Hier, Carol Young, Frances Belzberg, Naomi Frankenburg, Gerry Claman, Naomi Promislow, Vicki Frimer. The program will be the featured segment of Schara Tzedeck Sisterhood's spring luncheon, 12 noon in the synagogue auditorium. The ladies will fire questions at the rabbi, seeking answers and insights on the traditional Jewish view of women in light of the new Women's Liberation Movement. Convenor is Sheila Stern.  

Lindner, Franz