Schara Tzedeck Richmond to receive Torah Sunday

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Schara Tzedeck Richmond to receive Torah Sunday
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Pictured at the official presentation of the Torah to the Schara Tzedeck Richmond Congregation are, left to right: Ron Charnaw, Richmond liaison committee; Bernie Bressler, Richmond publicity committee; Rabbi Marvin Hier of Schara Tzedeck; holding the Torah, Basil Kallner, Schara Tzedeck Richmond religious committee; Alec Jackson, President, Congregation Schara Tzedeck; Jay Neufeld, Schara Tzedeck administrator; Jack Bogdonov, Schara Tzedeck Richmond land and building committee; Aaron Sadovnick, Richmond constitution committee. The presentation was made by Mr. Jackson. The Torah will be carried in the motorcade this Sunday, May 29.

Original article published in the Jewish Western Bulletin May 26, 1977:

May 1977
Lindner, Franz