Community Content Help Transcription

So... you want to upload some interesting material here but are not sure if it’s right.

You can upload images in any regular format: jpeg, png, gif. You can upload mp3 audio, and links to YouTube videos.

Now that you know all the types of files you can upload, you may want some guidance on what content you might like to post.

Well, you can make something personal, like a story about you, or your family.  You tell the story however you want and, presto, it’s up here forever.

Or, you can use material that comes from already existing collections you have, hoping that, some day, you could find a way share it; like a video of a school trip, a collection of pictures from a local Jewish organization or  a shot of your Zaida when he was a young man.  Now is your chance to clear your briefcase and help us make history.

Go ahead and try. If you have any questions, just drop me a note and I will get back to you.

You can find us at Don't be shy. We are all part of the big story of the Jewish community of British Columbia. Help us make it yours as well.