Canvas in West End for Red Feather

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Canvas in West End for Red Feather
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Group of people with United Red Feather Appeal Campaign promotional material, standing l-r: Marcia Kahn, Karen Silverman, Daphne Fraser, Malcolm Weinstein, Ricki Harrison; seated, l-r: Mrs. Sue Malkin, Tevy Goodman. From the October 3, 1958 Jewish Western Bulletin, caption: A group of 35 canvassers has been organized by Mrs. Sam Malkin on behalf of National Council of Jewish Women and the Jewish Community Council to cover a West End zone in the current Red Feather drive. Mrs. Malkin said that she is very pleased at the response to her call for canvassers from the B'nai B'rith youth groups, including AZA and BBG. A group of students from Prince of Wales High School have also volunteered to canvass. Arrangements are being made to conduct a blitz drive in the allotted zone. Team captains pictured above are: Ricki Harrison and Karen Silverman of Tamar, BBG; Daphne Fraser of Prince of Wales School, Malcolm Weinstein, Totems AZA, Tevy Goodman of 119 AZA, and Marcia Kahn of Elana BBG. Mrs. Malkin is seated in the centre.

Allen, E. M.