Publications of the JHSBC

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  • More Than Gold (Film): Chronicling the settlement of Jewish people in British Columbia and the Yukon from 1858 to 1990. 53 minutes. Format: DVD
  • Pioneers, Pedlars and Prayer Shawls: The Jewish communities in British Columbia and the Yukon. Author: Cyril E. Leonoff - Hardcover $20.00
  • Pioneer Jewish Merchants of Vancouver Island and British Columbia. Author: Cyril E. Leonoff
  • Pioneers, Ploughs and Prayers: The Jewish farmers of western Canada. Author: Cyril E. Leonoff
  • In the Footsteps of Jewish Vancouver, 1886-2006: A walking tour guidebook focusing on the history of Vancouver's early Jewish community.
  • Wapella Farm Settlement: The first successful Jewish farm settlement in Canada. Author: Cyril E. Leonoff
  • The Architecture of Jewish Settlements in the Prairies
  • Early Jewish Agricultural Colonization in Saskatchewan (Offprint from Saskatchewan History, Spring 1983). Author: Cyril E. Leonoff
  • The Jewish Farmers of Western Canada. Author: Cyril E. Leonoff
  • An Enterprising Life – Leonard Frank Photographs 1895-1944: Historic views of Vancouver and early industry in B.C. Author: Cyril E. Leonoff - Hardcover $40.00
  • Bridges of Light – Otto Landauer of Leonard Franks Photos: 1945-1980 Documenting industrial development and the post war transformation of Vancouver’s architecture. Author: Cyril E. Leonoff – Hardcover $40.00
  • Creating Community – Journal commemorating the 25th anniversary of the Jewish Historical Society of B.C. and celebrating the history of Vancouver’s Jewish community.
  • Hindsight: An Exhibition. Exhibition catalog featuring the lives of Jack Diamond, Shirley Margolus Kort, Dave Shafran and Claire Klein Osipov in the 1950’s along with chronologies of Vancouver and world events.
  • Pioneer Jews of British Columbia – 12 essays depicting the geographical and chronological history of the Jews of British Columbia. This special issue book was printed in collaboration with Western States Jewish History.