Jack Diamond: Pacific Meats

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Jack Diamond with photographs
Rights - JMABC
Diamond, Jack
Vancouver, B.C.
Dodek, Irene
Thursday, September 25, 1997
Digital audio recording #: 19.97-07



Interviewed by Irene Dodek and Cyril Leonoff, September 25, 1997, Vancouver, B.C.
ID:          How did you get into business for yourself? What were the circumstances?
JD:          Well, I used to work for...Brown. And sometimes I was a salesman for the rest of it, you know. And I got to see the [restaurant] and I also got to see the country. And I decided to buy myself a little truck...with my brother. And I only did that for about maybe a year. My brother couldn't take it in the country. I bought a store on Robson Street. The building isn't there anymore. 912 Robson Street. And I bought it from this...for $300. I would go in the morning, and did the orders then I'd go down to Water Street and pick up what I needed for those orders. And then I would [wrap] them. In the first part, I delivered myself, and then I got a young fellow, about 18 years old, he worked for me, delivering. Then I bought another butcher shop. And then another one, and another one, and then I had five. But there was not much money in them. So the B.C. Livestock used to be here. And the farmers owned that. So, I started buying cattle and slaughtering them. And gradually started selling them, and...Pacific Meats was in troubel so I bought Pacific Meat for $50,000. I went to the bank and the bank gave me the money. I didn't have to go to Ottawa to finance...I went right in there, the fellow's name was Lampney.
ID:          That was the bank manager's name?
JD:          Yes, and I asked him for the money. And he said, 'see me tomorrow morning at 10:30,' or something. And I was [dead poor back then]. And he liked that. And he said, 'what do you need?' I said '$100,000.' He smoked a pipe and he said, 'okay!'
ID:          Just like that?
JD:          Yes.
ID:          I bet you never forgot that.
JD:          It's still with me...

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