Gloria Harris: Immigrants in Strathcona

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National Council of Jewish Women, Neighbourhood House, Strathcona
Rights - JMABC
Harris, Gloria
Vancouver, BC
Tuesday, October 4, 1977
Digital audio recording #: 19.77-07
Interviewers: Daphne Marlatt & Carole Itter
GH:        Living in that neighbourhood was such a melting pot. It was, there was no such thing as being separate. We were all immigrants, well all our parents were immigrants together. And whether you were Italian, or Yugoslavian, or Chinese, or Japanese, or Jewish, or whatever you were everybody got along beautifully. And there was such a warmth in that neighbourhood I can’t begin to tell you. There was just, you know…
[DM]:    Can you give us some examples?
GH:        Well, I don’t know, I think the prime example was in later years I’m going back to when I was 20, my mother became very, very ill and she was in the hospital a number of weeks and then came home and was confined to home for almost two years. And when she first came home from the hospital we’d never know what we’d find on the back porch. It could be eggs, it could be vegetables, or else somebody would bring over a hot dish of something. And you know, the concern was so great.

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