Irma Zack: Establishing a Jewish Adult Daycare Centre

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Hadassah Bazaar, women with baked goods
Rights - JMABC
Zack, Irma
Vancouver, BC
Grad, Dorothy
Friday, November 8, 1996
Digital audio recording #: 19.96-10
DG:        What are some of the things you’ve done with the organizations?
IZ:          Oh just…I think in Haddassah I’ve just done the ordinary things that everybody does. You know, I work at the bazaar, [laughing], I bake, it seems to me one was always baking for Haddassah. I wasn’t too active with Council ‘til latterly actually after I retired from Sisterhood. And with Council, on behalf of Council…Council gave me the opportunity to establish [through a hire] an adult daycare centre.
DG:        Oh!
IZ:           Which was extremely gratifying.
DG:        Okay, tell us about it.
IZ:           It was myself and a young woman who had never been in the community and dropped out of the community and Dorothy, I don’t even remember her name. But she was interested in Jewish Family Service Agency. And her family was not affiliated with the [community], but she—it was the Jewish community—but she was interested in it. And the two of us, over a period of two possibly three years, were able to prove the need, we knew the need was there, get it together, get a…receive money from Federation to operate minimally for one year. And during that year we established our credibility and we were able to convince the government to sponsor us because they had shut the door on establishing any more adult daycares. In fact, we convinced them there was a need for adult daycares for Jewish seniors who were really very uncomfortable in non-Jewish society, especially when the holidays came around. So ever since its inception there was a waiting list.

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