Esther Dayson: Russian Revolution

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Esther Nemetz & Ben Dayson, Vancouver
Rights - JMABC
Dayson, Esther
Vancouver, BC
Dodek, Irene
Saturday, October 1, 1994 - Thursday, December 1, 1994
Digital audio recording #: 19.94-02
               ID:          You really had your own meat, and you probably had a garden…
               ED:         Oh yes. We were very, very comfortable there because we did not,  we didn’t want of anything until the revolution.
               ID:          And then what happened?
               ED:         During the revolution we had, we couldn’t, didn’t have bread to eat, we didn’t have anything. And I remember it like I can see it now, that a gypsy came along and she says, “I’ll tell you your fortune.” She says, “Where’s your mother?” And my mother was sick. And we were living in Schwartzman’s grandmother’s place across the street. Ralph Schwartzman’s grandmother’s place.
ID:          Ralph Schwartzman who lives here?
ED:         Yes.
ID:          His grandmother?
ED:         Yes. And the woman said, “If you give me a piece of bread,” she says, “I’ll tell you your fortune.” So I took her into my mother and she told my mother the fortune, exactly what was going to happen. And my mother says, “Oh,” she says, “It’ll never happen,” you know. But she told my mother we were going to leave, we were going to cross the ocean and she says the dark men are going to look after us. So my mother says, “Oi, I’m sick, I’ll never live long enough for that.” So she says, “Yes, you will live but your husband will only live a year and a half after he crosses the ocean.”
ID:          And is that what happened?
ED:         Yes, that’s why I will never go to a fortune teller. [As] I remember myself, I will never go to one...

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