Cissie Eppel: Establishing the Jewish Genealogical Society

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Federation Super Sunday, Cissie Eppel at booth for Jewish Geneological Institute of B.C.
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Eppel, Cissie
Vancouver, BC
Freedman, Barbara
Monday, March 24, 2008
Digital audio recording #: 20.08-16
                BF:         And, and when did it suddenly dawn on you, did you have a vision to create and found a Jewish Genealogical Society? What was the process for you?
CE:         Whilst I was doing this I was reaching out wherever I thought of that could give me some idea about genealogy, and the only genealogical society that was here in Vancouver was the BC Genealogical Society, which really wasn’t familiar with Jewish history. And I kept saying to myself, from 1986, what we need here is a Jewish Genealogical Society.
BF:         Were these being formed around the country at the same time? Were you aware of them?
CE:         I wasn’t aware of it. I knew that the Family History Centre had some records and at that time it was very difficult for me to get out to Burnaby to go there, and when I did go they really couldn’t find anything for me. So I continued working, I’d given up working at that time but I was working on the family history and used to come into the Centre an awful lot and somebody in the Historical Society found out what I was doing. By this time it was in 1990s and the girl that was in charge of the Historical Society asked me to come and talk to her and to tell her what I was doing. So I told her the story of what I wanted to do, so she said, “Well, why don’t you start?” I said, “We need a Jewish Genealogical Society here,” so she said, “Why don’t you start one?” So that time the first book was completed and I felt that I had the time to promote…
BF:         And the experience, I would say.
CE:         Yes, so I looked up various places where we could rent some space for a meeting and Temple Sholom was the most reasonable. So I put an ad in the Bulletin to say that there was going to be a meeting of Jewish genealogy at such and such a time and whoever turned up, we were going to have speakers there, and we had over thirty people attend.

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