Marjorie Groberman/Bea Goldberg: Vancouver's First City-Wide Hadassah Bazaar, 1952

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Banquet head table
Rights - JMABC
Goldberg, Bea
Groberman, Marjorie
Vancouver, BC
Dodek, Irene
Wednesday, November 28, 2007
Digital audio recording #: 20.07-09
ID:         You were the one that had the idea first of a bazaar. How did you get that idea?
MG:       There was a woman came here from Toronto and she started to tell us, she spoke at one of our Hadassah meetings and she told us about the bazaar in Toronto. And I absolutely fell in love with the idea and I spent a great deal of time with her and she described to me this huge event but it went to the public and it was held at the Pacific Exhibition grounds in Toronto. And she told me what it involved but the key to that bazaar was selling commercial space which we had never done. We had had bazaars before at the old Centre at 11th and Oak but they were not open to the public and they certainly didn’t have commercial space and it was what our members put on.
ID:          So who did you sell to?
MG:       And so we, you had to sell to firms to…
ID:          Just a moment, you, you, put on the bazaar, you sold things to…
MG:       Well I’ll tell you how we got there. You’re a little ahead of me.
ID:          Okay.
MG:       I wanted to have the Seaforth Armouries because it was the biggest place in town. I wanted to move from the Jewish Community Centre at 11th and Oak to the Seaforth Armouries but we couldn’t rent it, they don’t rent it. But at that time Bernie Isman, who by the way will be 100 this month, he will be 100 this month, was the president of the Veterans Association, there were 33,000 veterans, he was the president and I appealed to him and he was able to get the Armouries on condition we made a donation of $300. So that’s how we got the Armouries. And then, it was 20,000 square feet, that’s a huge place coming from the Jewish Community Centre. Then we decided, we had to have a blueprint, and I didn’t really have a clue of how to arrange the space but Goldie Edwards who was a very good friend of mine worked with, knew Alvin Narod and Alvin Narod was a builder here in town.

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