Sara Ciacci: Going to School in Strathcona

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Strathcona School Grade 3 or 4 ca 1925. Henry Steinberg Back Row 4th from right
Rights - JMABC
Ciacci, Sara
Vancouver, BC
Katz, Naomi
Friday, February 21, 2003
Digital audio recording #: 20.03-02
               SC:         I think I’ve mentioned before that Rabbi Pastinsky brought us to Vancouver because we were only one of two Jewish families living in New Westminster. That was in 1933. Our more of an involvement with the Jewish community started. We used to go to school at Strathcona and take two lunches. One was for the noon hour lunch and the other was after a two hour Hebrew class or Yiddish, I can’t remember which—our second lunch and then we would have two hours of Hebrew or Yiddish.
NK:         Can you I ask you who’s ‘we’?
SC:         The children, the young people, everyone lived…
NK:         Your friends?
SC:         No, all of the Jewish, there were only five hundred Jewish in the city, which meant that there were a few only not that many young children. All of the kids went to the Heatley Avenue synagogue. Jewish…
NK:         Friends from school?
SC:         Mm hmm. I believe Mr. Katznelson was the principal and Ms. Jaffe, Sylvia Jaffe was our teacher. We went for three years and then the Jewish community moved from the Schara Tzedeck which as I said was the only synagogue, the Orthodox, it moved from there to Oak Street.

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