Joseph and Rose Youngson: Leaving Strathcona

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Rose Goldberg (later Youngson), seated in centre of rumble seat
Rights - JMABC
Youngson, Joseph
Youngson, Rose
Vancouver, BC
Krieger, Ann
Thursday, November 29, 1973
Digital audio recording #: 19.73-07
RY:         My mother had been orphaned in her early life. And she was the eldest of five children and the burden of her family fell upon her. And her lot in life was very difficult. A little later her father married so she knew a stepmother too. But one of the things that she brought was a tremendous love for her children. And this love we felt very, very much. And we lived in what would be humble circumstances on Keefer Street. And [Almat] Ice Cream Factory wanted to buy the house but one of the members of the family told her not to sell it because she would get more money. And now the house was on a precipice and a lot of blasting had to be done for levelling. One day this blasting took place and I came running in and I said, “Mama, Ich layb nach! Ich layb nach!” She grasped me in her arms and…
AK:         You better translate that for [people].
RY:         She said she would sell the house immediately because “Ich layb nach” means, “I am still alive! I am still alive!” She went to sell her house and took a great loss and then they moved to 5th Avenue where we had a very nice life.

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