Betty Nitkin: Building a Sense of Community through Involvement in Jewish Organizations

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Federation Super Sunday, Betty Nitkin and Cyril Leonoff at booth for Jewish Historical Society of B.C.
Rights - JMABC
Nitkin, Betty
Vancouver, BC
Berger, Bea
Wednesday, November 12, 2008
Digital audio recording #: 20.08-27
BB:         When did the two of you start getting involved in community  activities?
BN:        I got involved right away, because, having two children and no family, I didn’t want to work. It was too difficult. And, by getting involved in non-profit organizations, I could meet people, and, you know, get to know the community. When we first came here, Irv found a place to live on 16th and Trafalgar, so not too close to the Jewish community. But, it was good for about six months, and then we were able to buy a house, that was right in Oakridge, behind what is now the fancy liquor store, on Ash Street. So we were then quite close. And, I first started out with National Council of Jewish Women because I’d been involved somewhat in Montreal, then the whole cause of Soviet Jewry got going just about that time, in, maybe, 1970, I think. And, I’ve never been sure how I ended up chairing that committee for Soviet Jewry [*part of a movement against anti-Semitism in Soviet Russia], but it was very interesting. And we did organize demonstrations and publicity and, it was a good introduction to a lot of people in the community. People that possibly, we wouldn’t have met, or I wouldn’t have met and people that we’ve remain good friends with since then. So, that was a big one. 

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