Miriam Warren: Getting Involved with Hadassah and Council of Jewish Women

Posted by jyuhasz
Warren, Miriam
Vancouver, BC
Berger, Bea
Wednesday, October 6, 2010
Digital audio recording #: 20.10-15
MW:      So that was my first experience with Hadassah. Then I guess not very many years later, because it was 1947 so I was 22 years old so it was just a couple of years later that I came to Vancouver to see my brother but I decided to stay because I loved Vancouver. And I decided after, I joined Junior Hadassah here immediately and I think the very first thing that happened was, I think I came in the summer and before the end of the summer I was selling Shana Tovahs, at least everybody in Hadassah did to their friends, neighbours or whatever, and we schlepped around on buses to deliver packages of New Year cards because none of us could afford cars, so that was my first experience but very shortly after that I met up with Sue Molkin at that time and she was involved with Council of Jewish Women and she knew that I had been a Junior Hadassah girl but I had had some experience in organization and I think Council needed a secretary to the board at that time so she put my name forward that I should be the secretary and of course no volunteers in those days [laughs], I mean nobody really wanted to take minutes at meetings but I did it because it was one of my skills, so that was my introduction to Council of Jewish Women. But I liked what I saw and what I heard when I came to meetings, I came to the board meetings and they were talking about programs and so on and I liked what I heard because Council in those days just hit me in the right place, they...organized cooking classes, they offered study groups for young married women with small children, so in particular those two subjects hit me where I really was interested so I thought I should join Council as well, you know, it’s one thing to be the minute taker but another thing is that I should get involved, so I did.
But how I got involved is that I was living in our first house we had a basement and Council owned a Gestetner machine and this is how we developed a Council bulletin, different people in Council wrote articles or news briefs or whatever and they were written up, I typed them up on stencils and then I ran them off on this machine. It was put in my basement because I had the room and the other thing was I could stay home and not have babysitters to look after my kids and run off the Gestetner and run off the bulletins, so it worked. So that was my first really volunteer job.