Nathan Nemetz: Elementary School in Watrous, Saskatchewan

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Portrait of Nathan Nemetz
Rights - JMABC
Nemetz, Nathan
Vancouver, BC
Tuesday, February 13, 1996
Digital audio recording #: 19.96-01
                Inteviewer: Irene Dodek & Ron Stuart
               ID:          Do you remember your first grade in Watrous?
               NN:        Oh, I went to Grade 1 to 4 in Watrous.
               ID:          Tell me about those years. What do you remember about them?
               NN:        It’s interesting you should question me about that, because I just saw a picture I was showing my daughter-in-law the other day of me at school. My teacher—who has the same name as my successor in the courts, [McEacran], I must tell him. I’ve forgotten to tell him the other day—she was my first school teacher and she took a liking to me. And boy, oh boy. The schools then were different than now.
ID:          In what way?
NN:        Well, because you had three classes in one room. You would shift your chair sideways to get out of the way when she did the next class. [Laughter]. I said to somebody who asked me once they were telling how difficult it is to teach a single class nowadays in a school when I was on some commission. I said, “You don’t know what it’s like when I took schooling.”
ID:          So you really had to block out,
NN:        You had to block out.
ID:          Or else listen.
NN:        Or listen.
ID:          Or you’d be in the next grade already.
NN:        That’s right, that’s right. One way of getting promoted [laughing].
ID:          How many children in the classroom?
NN:        I would think in those classrooms about 30 kids. So you’d have a mixture of about ten in each class.

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