Esmond Lando: Buying the Gleneagles Golf Course

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Gleneagles Golf & Country Club, inaugural of the first Jewish golf club - the first executive of the club included Esmond Lando, honourary president; Dave Sears, president; and Myer Brown, first vice-president
Rights - JMABC
Lando, Esmond
Vancouver, BC
Dodek, Irene
Wednesday, April 30, 1986
Digital audio recording #: 19.86-05
                ID:          I know that you were instrumental in getting the Gleneagles Golf Course going, tell me about that and the Richmond Golf Course.
                EL:          Well, the Gleneagles Golf Course, we’d reached a stage where we had quite a few fellows playing and they were playing at the public golf course and a bottle of scotch got you on and if you didn’t have a bottle of scotch you had to go line up under an umbrella and Dave Sears came to me and said, “This estate has Gleneagles for sale.” I think they wanted 52 or $53,000 for it and I called two or three meetings at our house with Dave Sears and there was Alfie Evans, Meyer Brown, Norman Brown, the whole crowd was there then and the interesting thing was that we had a hell of a time persuading them that if they put up $500 a piece you might buy it and while this as going on they were investigating and searching title. I put up $500. A friend of mine ran the trust company at that time, I went to see him and he incorporated a group there and he held the shares in trust and over a period of time we were able to collect enough money from guys to pay off $50,000. That was the beginning of the golf course. We bought this property with 30 lots surveyed complete.

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