Jack Moscovich: Keeping Kosher in Lethbridge, Alberta

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Captain Jack Moscovich in uniform, WWII
Rights - JMABC
Moscovich, Jack
Vancouver, BC
Wednesday, October 27, 1976
Digital audio recording #: 19.76-14
                Interviewer: Sid Israels, Ann Krieger, & A. Myer Freedman
               SI:           And this is, we’re talking here now in the early ‘20s, late ‘20s. Did your parents keep a kosher home?
               JM:         Very much so.
               SI:           How difficult was that?
               JM:         Very. One of the interesting factors was there wasn’t any means of attaining kosher meat so the only locality that had it was Calgary, Alberta, and it was used to…the butcher would send the meat by express on Friday and every Friday morning at five o’clock in the morning, I used to get up in the morning and go out to the express office to pick up the week’s meat. First of all it was the time that I could easily attend and the other was we didn’t want to leave the meat too long before it spoiled.
SI:           You say you were, the rest of the families in the area were Orthodox as well, they would have obtained their supplies at the same time. Tell me, winter—I grew up in that same environment as you did—must have been a godsend for you, because you now had natural refrigeration.
JM:         [Laughter]. No, as a matter of fact, it didn’t worry us a great deal because we had one of these old fashioned ice boxes where you put in a block of ice about 15 or 25 pounds and that lasted a certain length of time and then you replaced it.

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