Leonard Korsch: Kappa Theta Rho Fraternity

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Baseball team, Kappa Theta Rho, University of British Columbia - Len Korsch back right
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Korsch, Leonard
Vancouver, BC
Nobleman, Esther
Wednesday, February 5, 2003
Digital audio recording #: 20.03-03
                LK:          In the days I went to university which was 1939 to ’42 there was a Jewish fraternity on the campus. It was small in number but we, there were only about a dozen or fifteen at the most Jewish boys that belonged to this. It was called Kappa Theta Rho and I can remember the names of some of the people who belonged during those days. There was Alvin Narod was the president when I joined.
EN:         Oh yes.
LK:          And there was, there, Harold [Rome], there was…Harry Weiner, Ed Gross, Edward Gross. Ed won the Governor General’s gold medal on the graduating class in the year we graduated in ’42.
EN:         In what field?
LK:          In, it was, for the whole university, the top grad in the university. He was in arts. He eventually went on to become a professor of psychology and spent many years at the University of Washington. And then when he, when he retired from that job he went back and became, went into law and became a law professor.
EN:         Great.
LK:          Strangely enough Ed was just recently in Vancouver and he phoned me, we had a chat on the phone.
EN:         Oh, how interesting.
LK:          Yeah. And who else remembers? Oh, Ralph James was a member of Kappa Theta Rho and Irving Koenigsberg, and…I don’t know who else.
EN:         But that’s very good.
LK:          Anyhow, Kappa Theta Rho was a local fraternity and we were affiliated with a national Zeta Beta Tau and eventually the year after, the year I graduated we finally became full-fledged members of Zeta Beta Tau.
EN:         And is that fraternity still active on the campus today?
LK:          No, I don’t know what happened. During the intervening years they went through some big years, they became very big on the campus, they had a fraternity house. And then I think all fraternities went into kind of an eclipse and they disappeared or they…Anyway, I don’t know whatever came of it, and there is now a new resurgence and my grandson is a member of the new Jewish fraternity on the campus [laughs].

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