Leon and Rae Tessler: Learning English

Posted by jyuhasz
Tessler, Leon
Tessler, Rae
Vancouver, BC
Dodek, Irene
Monday, April 29, 1991
Digital audio recording #: 19.91-01
LT:          My full name is Leon Isaac Tessler.
ID:          And your name in Hebrew would be?
LT:          Leib Yitzhak Tessler.
ID:          And you had your parents’ names?
LT:          My mother’s name was Annie. My father’s name was Israel. He was one of five Tessler brothers. Originally there were five Tessler brothers in Winnipeg. He was the oldest of the five.
ID:          Where did they come from Leon?
LT:          Kremenets in Russia.
ID:          Did your grandparents come out with them?
LT:          No. I never met or knew my grandparents.
ID:          What year did your parents come?
LT:          In 1902.
ID:          Directly to Winnipeg?
LT:          To Winnipeg, yeah. Pardon me, my father first of all came to the United States to St. Paul where another brother had preceded him and they sent him to a small town in South Dakota, Sioux Falls, South Dakota as he was a tailor and this is where my father learned to speak English beautifully because there was no other Jewish people in this town and he had to learn English. My father spoke English without any accent of any kind and then somehow they heard that there were opportunities in Winnipeg. So my father came and then four other brothers at different times came to Winnipeg.
ID:          When did you bring your mother over?
LT:          My mother followed much later, she came with one of the brothers…

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