Leon and Rae Tessler: Settling in Saskatchewan

Posted by jyuhasz
Tessler, Leon
Tessler, Rae
Vancouver, BC
Dodek, Irene
Monday, April 29, 1991
Digital audio recording #: 19.91-01
ID:          Rae what’s your full name? Is Rae short for something?
RT:         Rachel.
ID:          Rachel.
RT:         That’s the only name I have is Rachel.
ID:          Rachel. And your maiden name was?
RT:         [Freidgut].
ID:          [Freidgut].
RT:         Yes, and I was born on a farm in Lipton, [Saskatchewan] which was a Hirsch colony and my mother came over to that colony with four children and a nephew. My father was still in the Russian army.
ID:          She came by herself?
RT:         She came herself with the four children. My two older brothers and my two older sisters and a nephew, Sam Rabinovitch, whom you must know. And we were given a piece of land, but there was nothing but a shack, a farmhouse, and really I don’t think it was worth living in but it was the best we had. The first thing my mother did was plant a vegetable garden because she had to feed her children. Well, when my father came out of the army he immediately left Russia and he came over with somebody else, I don’t remember, somebody in the family. I think it must have been my uncle [Mr. Greisdorf] who eventually married my mother’s sister. We lived there and then we moved to [Kelliher], Saskatchewan because my father wanted to open up a store.
ID:          Before we go onto that, what year were you born?
RT:         I was born in 1908.
ID:          Okay, so how old were you when you moved to [Kelliher]?
RT:         Well, I couldn’t have been more than a couple of years old, maybe less than that, because my father didn’t want to stay on the farm. He wasn’t a farmer. And my youngest brother was born in [Kelliher] and that made us a family of six.

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