Frank Segal: Or Shalom Synagogue

Posted by jyuhasz

Or Shalom Jewish Renewal Congregation, 710 East 10th Avenue
Rights - JMABC
Segal, Frank
Vancouver, BC
Segal, Binki
Monday, November 26, 2007
Digital audio recording #: 20.07-08
               BS:         Describe your religious affiliation.
               FS:          I…
               BS:         Do you consider yourself a religious man?
               FS:          No I, I don’t consider myself religious, although I am observant. We are members of Or Shalom a, what is considered a Jewish Renewal community, where, I, it’s, yeah pretty well. Or Shalom, Jewish Renewal, which in this case it means a way of, to my understanding at least, at least this is what I find, a way of combining the spirit, the enthusiasm that, that we found in the Orthodox synagogue, that kind of close knit, ‘haimishness,’ the homeliness of the people along with a, with an understanding of what is happening with a more egalitarian, broad minded, acceptance of change as an important part of our lives and incorporating that into the life of our religious community. I, Or Shalom to me has always been more community, than rather an institution of religion and which is, and I think most people who attend feel the same thing.

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