[Team of oxen hauling logs over skid road at Thurlow Street]

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[Team of oxen hauling logs over skid road at Thurlow Street]
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B&W photograph depicts a team of oxen hauling logs over a skid road at Thurlow Street.

Caption on back of oversize 8" x 10" mounted on board and 8" x 10" original print reads: "This print is produced from the original 8" x 10" glass plate negative. Which accounts for the cracks and other blemishes. 1882 Oxen Logging - According to information given by the late Major J.S. Matthews, City Archivist, this photograph was taken at a point very near the shoreline of Burrard Inlet.  The exact location is just about where we now find the intersection of Thurlow & Pender in downtown Vancouver.  The logging camp, known as Oben's Camp, was more to the West where now Bayshore Inn is located.  The owner, Roy Oben, later a well known citizen of Vancouver, is second from left in this photo.  3rd from left is P.D. Andersonwho for many years was well known as one of the pioneer settlers at Saltspring Island, B.C."

Caption on front of oversize 4" x 6" mounted on board print reads, "This historical photograph, taken in 1882 at the foot of Thurlow Street in downtown Vancouver, shows how logging was practised in the early days."

Caption on back of 8" x 10" print mounted on linen or canvas for use in photo album reads, "This photograph was taken in 1882 at foot of Thurlow Street.  Mr. Oben, who is still residing at Kingsway was among the men woking with these teams of oxen. - 1947" 

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