Ready loaded train with douglas fir logs

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Ready loaded train with douglas fir logs
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Black and white photograph depicts an International Timber Co. Ltd. locomotive No. 4 with douglas fir logs loaded on rail cars, three men are standing near and inside the locomotive. Information on the train provided by Frank Holm: "local train buffs Rick Land and Ken Rutherford say that in 1927, at the time of this photo, this locomotive was an Alberni Pacific Lumber Co., #4, wooden cab, arch windowed (rare), two truck (set of wheels), 60 ton, Shay (brand name) locomotive. It was built February 19, 1918 for C.N.R., #2945. Then it was Sultan Railway and Timber, #3 in Oso, Washington. Then it was Canadian Robert Dollar Co., #4 at Union Bay, BC. Then it was Thurston and Flavelle, #4 in Port Coquitlam. Then it was Hage Timber, #4 in Port Coquitlam in 1923. Then it came to A.P.L. in 1926 and then after 1927 changed to #3 because there was already a #4.

[March or April 1927 or 1928]
Landauer, Barbara
Frank, Leonard
Leonard Frank Photos Studio