Pacific Pine Lumber Mill

Posted by jyuhasz
Heller, Paul
Vancouver, BC
Stuart, Ron
Saturday, October 21, 1995 - Saturday, November 11, 1995
Digital audio recording #: 19.95-08

Interviewed by Ron Stuart, October 21, 1995 and November 11, 1995, Vancouver, B.C.
Meanwhile we were building up our business [Pacific Pine], we were working very hard and we had to work on a shoestring to start because of the financial situation as well as because at the beginning of the war with Japan and the real effects of it on this continent of shortages of different materials, metals and so on, I remember we had to rebuilt a certain section of the mill by using junk from a small mill in Esquimalt and even their supplier had to weld pieces of shaft together to have one shaft for a roll, and things like that.  We also had a timber controller who was distributing orders for war purposes, paring the prices extremely low and without regard to the facilities of the mill, some of them that were beyond our ability to produce even at that time.  However we went through those things, we built the mills and first there were two small mills, we expanded one, automated and developed quite well, later on we ran on a two shift basis, there was a time when we employed as many as 350 people and as work progressed we found out it was necessary to completely modernize one mill, we considered it the small mill but actually it became the big one, the main mill and finally in the ‘60s it became one of the most economical mills and progressive mills in B.C., at that time we closed down the other mill and were producing with about 160 people three times as much lumber as we initially did with 350 people.  

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