Okanagan Jewish Community Association

Kelowna's small Jewish population began to coalesce into a community around 1983. Of varied backgrounds and religious orientations, including many Jews by choice, the community has managed to come together in a harmonious way.

In the 1990s, this small and determined group raised sufficient funds to build the Okanagan Jewish Community Centre and Beth Shalom sanctuary in 1992. It was furnished with items from the dispersed Jewish community of Medicine Hat, Saskatchewan, whose former members heard about OJCA's efforts to open a synagogue as they were about to close theirs. The OJCA's major activities include: religious services, social events, fundraisers, a women's group, Hebrew school, bar and bat mitzvah classes, and Holocaust education and remembrance.

There are approximately 80 member families in the Okanagan area associated with the Okanagan Jewish Community Association (OJCA) in Kelowna.