Lechtzier, Saul

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Saul Lechtzier was born in Winnipeg in 1901. His grandparents emigrated to Winnipeg in 1882 from the Ukraine. His grandfather founded the first Jewish cemetery in Winnipeg, with his father and his uncle founding the first synagogues. His father was a merchant who had a clothing store in Winnipeg.

Saul attended the University of Manitoba from 1918 to 1923, where he received his degree in engineering. In search of a job after graduation Saul went to California, followed by Winnipeg, then Windsor and lastly to Vancouver in 1927. In February 1927 he opened the first modern bowling establishment on the Pacific Coast, La Salle on Granville Street. In 1941 he opened De Luxe Bowling Centre which was in business until 1967. In 1942, he organized the largest bowling league in the world (Burrard Shipyard League) with 150 teams. He was also a charter member of congregation Beth Israel, received an B’nai B’rith award in 1975 and was active as a volunteer visiting patients in hospitals. In February 1976 he was inducted into the B.C. Hall of Fame because of his contributions to the sport of bowling