Missions and Traditions

Posted by mwinston

Throughout the history of Jewish life in BC there have been many significant challenges, milestones, and much growth and dispersion throughout the province. From a small original group of Jewish settlers a vibrant and diverse community of Jewish people in British Columbia has grown. As citizens of this province, and bearers of our culture and heritage, we look back on our history to understand and appreciate Jewish life in BC and how that history has shaped Jewish communities, organizations, and people today.
The purpose of this online community collection is to document and highlight Jewish life in the current era in order to preserve a snapshot record of the intricacies of BC’s Jewish history. With the generous donations of archival material, personal time, and interviews from community members, the Jewish Museum and Archives of BC has been able to pursue this new project that will be a resource and an asset for anyone and everyone who is interested in learning about the BC Jewish community.
This online community collection is the first installment of an ongoing project that will be worked on in stages as funding for the JMABC allows. By no means is this an exhaustive account; it will continue to grow as new installments are added.
This collection was compiled and curated by Emma Moss, Education Assistant (summer 2012), under the supervision and guidance of Kara Mintzberg.