Time Periods

Posted by mwinston

Each era in BC Jewish history has unique characteristics and presents unique challenges and opportunities to members of the BC Jewish community. The timeline of BC Jewish history can be divided into four broad sections to allow for a more comprehensive look at the people and organizations that shaped our lives:
1)      Gold Rush: 1858 – 1890 (pending sponsorship)
2)      Strathcona Saplings: 1894 – 1940 (pending sponsorship)
3)      Oak Street Blossoming: 1941 – 1969 (pending sponsorship)
4)     Post Oak Orchards: 1970 – Present
The first installment of this online community collection – Post Oak Orchards – will focus on BC Jewish history, from the 1970’s until present day.
In this era, change and progress within the Jewish community are consistent themes. Younger generations demand more tolerance of diversity in their synagogues and seek a wider range of programming to suit the needs of their modern Jewish lives. Jews in the modern era want their particular brand of Judaism to work for them and to custom fit their community – a departure from previous decades.  
Since 1970 much has changed in the BC Jewish community. Between 1971 and 2001 the Jewish population in Greater Vancouver has more than doubled in size.1 Along with this, the community has seen changes in the organizations throughout BC, with new leadership and growth within organizations, as well as an increase in the number of Jewish organizations over all.