Burquest Jewish Community Association

Posted by mwinston

Since 1973, the Burquest Jewish Community Association has been a common ground for Jewish community members from Burnaby, Coquitlam and New Westminster, as well as the Fraser Valley to come together for holidays and events. Although the Burquest Jewish Community Association has provided a point of connection for Jews from several areas of the Lower MainIand since the 70’s and up until 2002, they did not  have a permanent building to call home.

The establishment of a permanent centre for Burquest in 2002 has allowed this community to continue to build Jewish community in the suburbs and connect multiple geographic areas. From the original eight families that made up the Burquest community in the early 1970’s, the community has grown immensely. By combining the Jewish communities from the Tri-Cities and the Fraser Valley area, Burquest has integrated Jewish populations and created a unique Jewish community. An added bonus: bringing together Jews from all the surrounding areas provides Burquest with greater membership in order to provide more services and diversity to its members that would not be likely to thrive in any one neighborhood alone.