Chabad of Richmond

Posted by mwinston

For Rabbi and Mrs. Baitelman and their family, who uprooted their lives in New York to join the Chabad centre in Vancouver in 1993, the transition from Vancouver to Richmond doesn’t really seem like much of a move at all.

For many Vancouverites, the move out of the city across a bridge in any direction seems impossibly far. But for Chabad and their family, big moves are common and adjusting to a new home is seen as an opportunity for growth and inclusion of new community members. That is what Chabad of Richmond, founded in 1997 is all about – being a “Jewish address for everyone” who is in need of one. Although Chabad of Richmond started out meeting in people’s homes and rented halls – a likeness to the early days of Jewish Strathcona – they focused their efforts on making whatever environment they were in feel like a welcoming family and growing the Jewish community in Richmond.