The Kehila Society of Richmond

Posted by mwinston

With the community’s movement into the suburbs, some people have found Jewish services and connections they enjoyed in the downtown core lacking in the new areas. This is where The Kehila Society sees its mission. Kehila means “community” and fittingly the society’s main function is as a social connector for members of the Richmond Jewish community.


Executive Director, Kay Abelson, is focused on expanding Kehila’s services beyond their current seniors programs and “crossing the invisible line” that seems to exist between the Jewish communities in Vancouver and Richmond. She sees bringing some of the programs and services that are generally located in Vancouver out to Richmond as the way to work towards Kehila’s goals of enhancing the community connections in Richmond, and hopes in the future for Kehila to be able to provide a welcoming community space for such programs. In the mean time, a local focus is still strong. Kehila has partnered with the Richmond Jewish Day School to offer a Jewish Film Series as well as Parent and Youth education programs that are open to the entire community.