Moishe House

Posted by mwinston

The Moishe House project started in Oakland, California in 2006 and in less than a decade has grown into an international movement with 46 houses in 14 countries. The house in Vancouver, located on Fraser Street, places a central focus on the idea of “the home” in their programming. The "residents [of the Vancouver Moishe House] plan and host a diverse range of low-barrier religious, cultural and social events in their home." By creating a “non-institutional" Jewish space for the young adult community, Moishe House can offer the opportunity to connect with Jewish friends and experiences without the pressure of membership or specific affiliation.

Moishe House takes a four sided approach in constructing their mission, which shares a strong semblance to the missions of other Jewish organizations: they seek to repair the world, promote Jewish learning, hold Jewish celebrations and create social opportunities. The Moishe House project is reminiscent of the early days of Jewish life in BC when social programming was centered in people's homes. This unique quality is one of the things that makes it stand apart from other organizations today.