Weekly Updates from Federation - "From the desk of Mark Gurvis"

Posted by mwinston

The "conscious shift" towards more electronic communications in the past decade is evident in the way modern society interacts and communicates with one another. As a society we have moved from writing letters to writing emails, from calling to texting our friends, and from compiling photo albums to uploading them. It logically follows this movement that people have created online spaces to which they devote time and energy, and the Jewish Federation took notice.

"From the Desk of Mark Gurvis" is exactly what it sounds like, it is a regular update from Mark's "desk" concerning current projects, meetings or world issues that he feels are pertinent to communicate with the Jewish community. In addition to educating and informing the community about the Federation's work and the impact it is having, it is a way for Mark to "bring a little bit of Torah and Jewish learning into people's lives." It is no longer only in synagogues or community halls that people meet to discuss and contemplate Jewish issues. The Jewish community has moved into cyberspace and in doing so is extending the reach of knowledge sharing and discussions they can pursue.

The message has had great impact on the people it reaches. "At times of great celebration, or stress, sadness, or tragedy (e.g. the outbreak of war in Israel, the tragic loss of a community member to suicide, the passing of a significant community leader) it has given us a way to provide comfort and give voice to the emotions people are feeling at that moment. That is a powerful role for the [Jewish] Federation [of Greater Vancouver] to be able to play in the community and in people's lives.”