Posted by mwinston

The face of Jewish BC seems to have been in a period of transition over the last several years and continues to change today. Many older Jewish buildings have been renovated and expanded to accommodate the growing population, its changing needs, and its permanence here. Jewish architecture in BC is being modernized and increasingly integrated with new designs and better functionality throughout the province.

Open, multi-purpose spaces and eco-friendly designs are characteristic of many of the new buildings that have emerged within the past few years. These buildings also have an impact on the relationships between Jewish and non-Jewish organizations by creating shared spaces that are being utilized by a diversity of groups. Whether on university campuses, at synagogues, community centers or schools, cooperative interfaith relationships in sharing spaces are becoming more common.


Jewish spaces are important because they send an outward message of pride and permanence as well as fostering social connections, building relationships, and creating feelings of belonging for the community. Whether the spaces are concrete or exist only in cyberspace, they are having profound effects on BC's Jewish community.