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SL:          The La Salle was 945 Granville. And I might say that it was the first modern bowling establishment built, not only in Vancouver, but the entire Pacific Coast. And when I say ‘modern,’ it was a departure from the basement bowling alley that a respectable woman, not only wouldn’t venture into, but she wouldn’t be within a half a dozen blocks of it. We took the game and we put it upstairs. We had a dignity to it by making it very attractive with the carpet lounges and one thing and another. And we sold the game to the women and with the result that it went over in a fantastic manner. We couldn’t accommodate the demand for the first couple of years.
SL:          A couple of years ago I was approached for material for the Hall of Fame and I referred this party to my nephew to get this picture from the La Salle (CL: This is the B.C. Sports Hall of Fame?). It’s the B.C. Hall of Fame which I was inducted into, just somewhere in February. (CL: February of this year? SL: Yeah. CL: That’s quite an honour). Well, I considered it quite an honour, as I mentioned when I received the award. After reading the citation, you know, which was such a glaring account of my achievements in the bowling game and my contributions to the development of the game that I thanked the donor of the award and said, “For awhile I thought I was listening to my eulogy” [laughs]. I said, “If it was, I’m sure happy I’m around to hear it” [laughs].

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