Dinner at the Pacific Athletic Club

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Dinner at the Pacific Athletic Club
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Negative depicts a group picture of members of the Henrietta Szold Chapter at a dinner at the Pacific Athletic Club. The print photograph is in the 1949 Henrietta Szold Chapter Scrapbook. 


From left to right, starting with the back row: Jessie Corman, Dorothy Chechik, Ida Wener, Mindel Kagna, Saree Jarvis, Sally Roadberg, Betty Averbach, Becky Beckman, Angela Wall, Toots White, Beulah White. Middle row: Ray Lipsky, Tess Waterman, Peggy Samuels, Surella Ames, Shirley Diner, Shirley Zacks, Ann Jenkins, Ethel Gelfand, Lore Rome, Nora Charles, Sue Malkin, Gertie Zack. Front row: Ruth Hindin, Teddy Jampole, Shirley Kort, Rose Margolese, Anita Gold, Molly Balshine, Bea Goldberg, Rose Wall, Beatty Zacks.

March 1949