1985 Convention

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1985 Convention
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Black and white photograph depicts a group of Hadassah-WIZO members at the 1985 Convention. Front row, from left: Sylvia Cristall, Susan Hershberg, Fay Riback, Francine Binder. Second row, seated: Anita Waterman, Sheila Herstein, Bess Panar, Judy Mandleman, Naomi Frankenburg, Mary Katz, Ruth Freeman, Joyce Lowe, Unknown. Third row: Darlene [Spirakow], Lamie Zbarsky, Unknown, Sarah Greenberg, Linda Glasner, Emmy Maerov, Vera Slyomovics, Belle Moss, Sonia Bellas, Hope Richman, Corrine Tapley, Claire Buller, Rochelle Levinson, Bea Libby. Back row: Rosaline Pullan, Corinne Woodrow, Unknown, Unknown, Jean Berkoff, Barbara Wohl, Unknown, Unknown, [Elia, possibly Etta] Klausner, Charlotte Berman, Inge Manes, Marjorie Groberman, Helen Hoffman, Connie Permack.