Reproduction Policy

The Jewish Historical Society of British Columbia (JHSBC) is committed to making the materials in its holdings available and accessible.  The JHSBC can grant the permissions requested only to the extent that it owns the rights to do so.  Certain items in the JHSBC collection may be protected by copyright, trademark, or other interests not owned by the JHSBC.  The applicant is responsible for determining the existence of any other such rights and for obtaining all necessary permissions.  Written notification of permissions granted by other copyright holders must be provided in advance to the JHSBC. 

Research Fees
Research fees will be charged for complex research queries over 30 minutes.  For more information please refer to our Fee Schedule.

Reproduction Fees
The JHSBC will charge users reproduction fees to offset the costs associated with providing reproductions.  For more information please refer to our Fee Schedule.

The JHSBC may prohibit reproductions based on concerns related to the preservation of materials.  Reproductions are conditional on the reproduction activity not causing harm or increasing the likelihood of harm to material.

Each item in the JHSBC collections must be reproduced in its entirety and the reproduction must not be cropped or altered in any way without the written permission of the JHSBC.  The license to reproduce may not be transferred to a third party.  Digital files and their derivatives may not be transferred to any other user. 

Deposit of Publication
As a condition of sale, the JHSBC requests that the publisher provide one complimentary complete copy of the publication in which the reproduction appears.

The exact credit line of the item requested, as specified in writing by the JHSBC once permission is granted, must be shown in immediate proximity to the reproduction or in the section within the publication devoted to acknowledgments.  The patron must credit “The Jewish Historical Society of British Columbia” and the item number and photographer if known.  If the reproduction is on film, videotape, or other non-printed medium, full credit must be included in the credits and in any accompanying printed materials.

Permissions are granted for one-time non-exclusive use only.  Patrons receive only a copy of the materials, and do not acquire any interest in the ownership of the copyright of the materials.

The JHSBC uses reasonable efforts to ascertain third-party owners of materials, but can not provide any warranties or representations, and disclaims all liability, as to the materials’ copyright status or their ownership.  Patrons assume sole responsibility for the materials’ use and reproduction complying with all applicable laws, including, but not limited to, copyright, moral rights, defamation and privacy laws.