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                Judy Zaitzow was interviewed with her sister Dorothy Grad and Michael Zaitzow.
                DG:        Yeah, let me go back a little bit to our growing up years. Some of the activities that we did that which we haven’t talked about. Lillian and Judy were both excellent tennis players. Judy to this day still plays tennis. She never put her tennis racquet down. I put mine down and picked it up again at age 40 and played for about 15 years until I wrecked a knee. But Judy has carried on doing that. But I think these are sort of important activities that sort of carry on. And there’s a core of people who have carried on. I know some people sort of picked it up later on.
JZ:          But we were interested in tennis because our mother was a tennis player.
DG:        Yeah.
JZ:          And she got to the city finals in about 1912 or something so I mean, you know, that’s how we picked it up. But I used to, that was another activity we used to do in Stanley Park. They boys, we’d go down and play tennis with the boys when we were growing up.
DG:        Yeah, yeah, the boys were good tennis players.
JZ:          You know like Norman Archek and…
DG:        Will Becker.
JZ:          Will Becker who built western indoor tennis, I mean, you know, and he to this day plays brilliant and one of his kids was on the tour. And…Norman and who else played? Izzy Diamond played, we all played. I mean, we all went and played tennis when we were kids and I just never stopped. I stopped for about five years while I had children.

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Jack Piters (left) and Norman Brown (right), winners Concordia Tennis Tournament
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Stamped on verso: "July 26/84." B & W print.

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Trophy won by William Morris at Tennis Tournament, engraved Phil Brotman Cup, Concordia Club, Tennis Championship, Singles.