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                Interviewer: Irene Dodek & Ron Stuart
ID:          And I want to ask you, and correct me if I’m wrong, but I understand that you were the first Jew to be appointed King’s Council?
NN:        Yes.
ID:          And the first Jewish person to become Justice of the Supreme Court of BC.
NN:        Yes.
ID:          And the first Jewish person to be a member of the Senate and Board of UBC.
NN:        Yes.
ID:          And the first Jewish person to be accepted into the Vancouver Club.
NN:        Yes.
ID:          How do you account for that? [Laughter].
NN:        I don’t know. I guess they started to get lenient [laughing].
ID:          Were there no other people of Jewish faith that had the qualifications that you had or?
NN:        There were others but once we broke down the barriers they brought other Jewish people in. Joe Segal is a member of the Vancouver Club as well as I am.
ID:          I remember reading about it in the papers.
NN:        Oh yes, that was quite a change. It’s a funny thing that you should mention that. A great friend of mine [Pearly Brissidon], and a friend of his came to see me, they asked, I was then Chief Justice and they said, “This is unbelievable you aren’t in the club. We want you to come in.” And I said, “Well, I’m not going to run in these chances.” “Well,” they said, “Look, the rules are…” And they gave me the rules. “We will tell you this, that we absolutely guarantee that you will be elected.” So I said, “Now how can you do that?” They said, “Because of the voting structure that we’ve recently established.” Which was a new structure. And I said, “Alright, I’ll do it.” So that was the largest vote turnout we ever had. We had 900 votes, which was in those days quite a heavy [inaudible] and I only had two opposed, so it was pretty good.

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Worn by David Tessler as member of the Vancouver Jewish Community Centre floor hockey team "the Junior Leafs."

late 1970s