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CR:        And did you use any of the training that, like, what was the roles of you and Sam, like how did you divide the…?
MK:       Sam taught me, so that I was able to do, to be the editor and he was mainly running the business. He taught me to do the layout, he taught me to do everything. He said there, if I’m not here, he said, there’s no reason why you can’t carry on so you have to know everything. And Sam used to do the bookkeeping himself the first few years, he got the first computer. We had a relic of a computer that somebody, it was worth nothing because it was the earliest IBM that they put out. And Sam used to come in on Sundays and do the invoicing. You know I mean, we saved money in all kinds of ways. He brought a computer in and he, you know, he did bookkeeping in computer to save money in the early years.
CR:         And so at that point people got you information, obviously not by computer, they had to bring it in or mailed it?
MK:        They had to, that’s right.
CR:         And you had to re-type everything and make it all…?
MK:       That’s right. If they didn’t bring in things that were typed we just retyped them. We eventually put in computers in of course as soon as we could and he gave the whole staff a computer course, we all went down and took a computer course together. Everybody, even Ron had to go down and take computer.
CR:         So would that have been in the ‘80s?
MK:        Yeah.

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