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ST:          Where was the butcher shop?
RS:         On Main and Hastings, in what was the City Market.
ST:          So that was down in Strathcona?
RS:         It was…No, on Main and Hastings. Strathcona was…
ST:          Dunlevy and…sort of in that area. Where the City Market was?
RS:         Strathcona was more the Commercial Drive area…
ST:          No, it was in Dunlevy and…in that area right around the synagogue, right around Heatley.
RS:         Well, that is further up. I mean, it’s not that far but the City Market...There was the Public Library was there…
ST:          The Carnegie Library?
RS:         It was the old Vancouver Public Library, I think now it’s a museum, a museum there on the corner of Hastings and Main…
ST:          And the City Market was right next to it.
RS:         It was right, that building right next to it. Oh, it was rat-infested; there was nothing but rats running through the butcher shop. [Bell chimes in the background]. Oh, it was awful! Just awful! It was so cold, and no heat but we worked there all the time.
ST:          Did you work on weekends?
RS:         Yes, I worked every school holiday, and every Saturday. Sunday was a day off.
ST:          How about after school did you have to go?
RS:         After school sometimes I had to go, but not always after school. But always on Sports Days. I was never allowed to participate in anything else…it was work! And my brother worked. We had a kosher shop there also. We had a non-Jewish butcher shop and a kosher butcher shop, that was the only kosher butcher shop in the city, right there in the City Market. My dad started that. Then my brother used to make the night deliveries and worked in the shop full time. He quit school and Sonny became a butcher.

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Posted by jyuhasz
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Black and white photograph depicts Harry Nemetz preparing a chicken in his bachelor days, Zelma, Saskatchewan, 1918.

Neuman, Lil